Welcome to Loades of Cakes, we are a family run business in the heart of Ramsey where I myself Carley have lived here my entire life.

When Loades of Cakes was established it started out as a small Hobby, along with raising my daughter, it has since progressed into so much more. We (my husband and I) have turned our dream into a business…a Cakery in the Heart of Ramsey. We sell homemade bakes using quality ingredients, maintaining quality and freshness in every bake we sell!!

I began my Baking Business by selling Cakes, I learned as I went and I'm proudly self taught, when lockdown arose I like lots of us spent a lot of time baking. Eventually, I taught my Husband how to bake…during lockdown, I created "Lockdown Boxes" a box of 6 cupcakes delivered to your door safely during the world's most difficult time.

These Cakes created so much joy and excitement and we knew between My Husband and I that the business was worth putting all our eggs in one basket..pun intended. So here we are, a family run business, Loades of Cakes, creating bakes and cakes in our pink florally decor Cakery, where you can enjoy afternoon teas, bakes, Milkshakes, and hot and cold drinks.

Finally, if you are reading this we'd like to take the opportunity to thank you for supporting our dream.